W448 Eileen in leggings and short and leather jacket 2024

Eileen recieved some new items for a festival outfit. As it is mostly rainy in the Netherlands, What better way to test it then getting it wet? She slowly got her outfit wet starting with the schoes up to her hair. After a while she took of the jacket and in the end the shorts.

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W440 Eileen in bomberjacket jeans and grey shirt

After a long day of Messy shoots Eileen needed another wash-off. She put on her skinny jeans, grey top and bomberjacket. She slowly started to wash from her schoes up until she was fully wet.

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W435 Eileen in white top and jeans

After a messy set Eileen got in the bath for her 2nd washing round wearing a white top, ribbed jeans and Adidas sneakers. She slowly got the outfit wet and took off the top in the end.

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W434 Eileen in brown top and jeans

After a very messy session with all kinds of food Eileen decided to wash off once more wearing a new outfit. She slowly got her Levis jeans wet and then her coper top. She washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner. Quite some mess still came out of her hair while washing!

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W4242 Eileen in sage leggings and knitted sweater wetlook

On a busy working day Eileen took a break to enjoy her garden and some nice hot buckets of water. She was wearing her new sage leggings and knitted top. Slowly she got it all wet and took of her knitted top at the end showing her grey shirt.

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W403 Eileen wetlook in ripped jeans and sportsbra

Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her cropped hoody and ripped jeans, she slowly got herself wet with the hose and started taking off some layers showing her white top and sportsbra.

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W383 Eileen in party outfit dancing in the garden


Eileen got into the garden wearing her colorfull party outfit. She started to dance but got a little warm after a while.  She got out the hose and started dancing while getting herself fully wet.

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W376 Eileen in jeans outfit with a gardenhose


Eileen got into the garden wearing her outfit of the day.  She got the gardenhose outside and started showering in front of her neighbours watching, In the end she got her cardigan off.  When the camera’s turned off Eileen and the neighbour girl had a nice privat wet session.

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W358 Eileen admiring as her purple sweater and jeans change colour when wet

Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her at home outfit, a braless top and ripped jeans. She slowly got it wet starting with the boots, then jeans and at the end the top.


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W342 Eileen Leggings memories from Croatia

Eileen was on her balcony in the holiday home in Croatia.  She wanted to go out to the sea but was a little lazy so she started getting her leggings and surftop wet on the balcony. After that she took a shower, taking off the shorts and putting on another legging.

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