W432 Eileen at the poolparty 2023

Eileen was invited for a clothed poolparty. She went by bus already wearing her swimming outfit.: Adidas hoody, jeans and Fila sneakers. When she was there she jumped on a floaty that didnt hold her too well, she got wet really quick. She jumped in the water to get onto another. She swam around a bit then jumped off the diving board. At the end she changed to leggings.

note to everyone that was on the poolparty: Only people that told me they are ok with being filmed are on this video. The other pieces have been cut out.

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W420 Eileen goes snorkeling in leggings Kefalonia

On a sunny morning Eileen went to the Lagkadia beach wearing her spandex outfit. She first got in to cool off getting herself fully wet, she sat on the rocks and relaxed in the shallow water. Then she took of 1 layer of leggings revealing the colorfull leggings. She put on her snorkeling mask and went snorkeling.

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W378 Eileen falling in the river while rolleblading


Eileen was rollarskating on a little road next to the lake. She didn’t do this in a very long time.  She didn’t know how to stop and accidentally skated the trailerhelling into the water.  She laughed and got out all wet and just skated on as ofcourse Eileen is used to some wet clothes. After a while she took of the skates and hoody and got into the water again for a quick dive as a thunderstorm was starting.

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W289 Eileen and the hair gel

Eileen was in the supermarket before shooting when she saw this big jars of hair gel. She decided to take some and play around in the garden with it giving herself some crazy hair looks and putting it all over her clothes and body. When she was all slimy she decided to wash off in the bath.

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W280 Eileen Holiday in the jungle


Eileen was on a holiday at centerparks. It got way more sunny then expected and she was on the beach wearing her dress leggings and cardigan. She decided to go into the water just like that. Then she walked around the park, watching the minigolf and she walked around in the tropical garden.


Note: because this is an unexpected holiday video its not high quality.

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W266 Eileen at the waterfall full jeans outfit

Eileen just had a photoshoot at the waterfall, she changed her wet clothes into her dry full jeans outfit. For a little break and warm up she went to see the river of Arnhem. When she got back to the waterfall she went right in. Playing with the water and climing the rocks. She loved the waterfall!


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W259 Eileen at the waterfalls in her new red leggings

Eileen was at Sonsbeek park after being in the city. When she walked up to the waterfall she saw a few girls discussing for a long time. They had a challenge day and one of it was sticking their hand through the waterfall.  None of the girls was brave enough to do it, but Eileen walked passed them, sticked her hand through the waterfall, then her head and full body. The girls where amazed! and happy their challenge was a succes without touching the water! Eileen was happy to be in the waterfall and had some fun playing with the water and the rocks!


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W228 Eileen in white jeans swimming in public

Eileen was on a holiday in Burg-Haamstede. She went to the beach but didn’t take her bikini ofcourse. So She went in in her sweater and white jeans getting strange looks from the people around her. After some time she took of the sweater and played around more in the water. She went to take a nice icecream and sat  on the bench enjoying the sun.  She decided to wash off the salty sea water under the outside shower and then left the beach.

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W215 Eileen getting slimed in shorts and tank top


Eileen made a big bucket of green slime. She walked to a field and had a friend pooring it all over her just to have some fun. She got completely covered in the green slime.  She played around with it and after that she got a suprise bucket of water over her head.

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W211 Eileen in Croatia,walking around in the city all wet


Eileen was on a holiday in Croatia. In the morning she had a boat trip to do some sight seeing.   When she got out of the boat she could not resist to take a swim in the harbour. She swam around a little and walked straight into the city of Krk.  She walked through the little streets and saw some shops.  She walked across a fountain and went in for some water play!  After she was fully soaked again she  went to a restaurant where she had a nice coffee. Since her battery had died she decided to go back to the hotel and have a nice shower there fully clothed.  After that she let her clothes dry fully and weared the clothes to dinner!

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