W446 Eileen relaxing in jeans in a private pool

After a break in the privat pool Eileen put on her Adidas sweater, jeans and sneakers. She slowly put her legs in the water seing the color of the jeans change and then jumped in. She swam around for a bit and enjoyed the heavy sweater before taking it off. She swam underwater, got out of the pool and sat on the terace.

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W396 Eileen in ripped jeans under the shower


Eileen got into the shower wearing her jeans with holes in it, sweater and sneakers. She got herself fully wet while dancing a bit. After a while she sat down to rip up her jeans revealing her red spandex leggings under it.

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W297 Eileen in purple sweater and jeans in the river

Eileen was at the river wearing her jeans and sweater. She Got into the water slowly, splashing on her jeans.  Then she dived in face forward and got all her clothes wet. She played around in the water and took of her shirt at the end.


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W236 Eileen filming herself soaking in a heavy rain


Eileen was just getting dressed as she noticed the heavy rain outside. She decied to go outside for some wetlook fun. She putted on her schoes and went outside. She danced around in the rain and took some buckets to get even more wet. When she was fully soaked she went inside and sat on the couch getting it very wet.


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W232 Eileen in black and white nickelson jacket

Eileen got into her bathtub wearing her socks. She poored lots of bathing gel into her Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and all over her jeans and jacket.  She putted on her sneakers and got herself slowly wet with the hose.  When the bathtub was filled up she got in and relaxed a bit. She decided to change schoes into a pair of Puma’s. When she got those all wet to she took of her jacket and her hoody.

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W216 Eileen gunged in white sweater and gray jeans


Eileen had a gunge session a few hours before,  she was all clean again and ready to clean up the mess when her friend pushed her in again. Eileen decided to go with it and have some more fun getting completely gunged. She rolled around and dropped the gunge over her face. At the end her friend threw lots of water at her, getting her outfit completely shiny.  She took off her sweater and jeans, showing her leggings.

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W189 Even Eileen s cat loves the water

Eileen went to the river on her bike. She noticed her cat was running with her, he ran all the way with her to the river. When they arrived Eileen went into the water wearing her favorite blue leggings and Adidas sweater.  She played around in the water and lay down on the riverside. When she got out she gave her cat a big hug, he was very happy she came out.  She went back home on her bicycle with the cat running after her.


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W182 Eileen in jeans and sweater in the bath

Eileen was wearing her jeans, tanktop,  sweater, belt and sneakers on a casual workday. When she was all done she went into the bath wearing her clothes. She got it all wet slowly and relaxed in the bath. She noticed her belt started falling apart so she fully ruined it for fun!


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W178 Eileen and Ivy playing in the pool 1

Eileen took Ivy to the pool.  When she was just there she pushed her in right away and then joined her in the pool. They spashed eachother and had lots of fun. They also did some underwater filming.

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W171 Anne Leila and Eileen having a waterfight on the street

On a summer day Anne and Leila went to Eileen to have some water fun. They had a lot of water-balloons, buckets and water-guns. They where patiently waiting for the fight to start. They started the fight all enthusiastic and laughing splashing each  other all wet. When they thought they where ready they all posed a bit at the garden door when suddenly a big bucket of water was thrown all over them from the balcony!


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