W296 Eileens messy picnic

Eileen was invited for a suprise picknick with a friend. He made her some pancakes and served those to her. When she asked for the sugar and syrup she got it all over her head and clothes. She tried to run away but tripped in the mud as her eyes where covered in sugar.  She decided to play along and just go for a muddy bath. She played around in the mud putting it in her clothes and making mud angels. When she was all muddy she had a was off in the pond.


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W256 Eileen getting messy with cola oil and mud

Eileen wanted to try this Cola and Mentos expiriment. She kind of failed at getting the Cola fountain very big so she decided to just throw it all over herself and jump in the pond. When she was all wet and dirty she walked home. She got into the bath and started pouring oil over her clothes.  She used a lot, getting herself all dirty and shiny. After that she washed off and stripped down to her speedo bathingsuit.


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W181 Eileen and Ivy in the pool in leggings

Eileen and Ivy went to the pool.  They posed a little and then Ivy pushed Eileen in but Eileen climbed back immediately to push Ivy in. They had some fun in the pool laughing talking and splashing.  Then Eileen ripped of Ivy’s shirt and Ivy Eileen’s shirt.

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W241 Eileen and Queenofhell braless in the bath

Eileen got into the bath, she got wet starting with her jeans, going all the way up. When all her clothes got wet she dunked her head right into the water a few times. She showed off her outfit and then asked Queenofhell to come in. She got wet slowly and dunked into the water just like Eileen did. They got all wet and played around in the water a little. When Eileen left Queenofhell stayed for a bit to secretly dunk a little more and take off her shirt.


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W240 Eileen soaking sneaker in muddy water

Eileen was walking outside when she saw this super dirty muddy spot. She  sat down to put on her white sport socks and  Nike sneakers.  She walked right into the dirty water and sploshed around.  She took off the schoes and sploshed into it again making strange noises. After she got her schoes and socks all dirty the decided to wear another pair of sport socks and Adidas sneakers.  She walked into the mud again getting them all dirty while making lots of noises.


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W236 Eileen filming herself soaking in a heavy rain


Eileen was just getting dressed as she noticed the heavy rain outside. She decied to go outside for some wetlook fun. She putted on her schoes and went outside. She danced around in the rain and took some buckets to get even more wet. When she was fully soaked she went inside and sat on the couch getting it very wet.


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W208 Eileen walking the streets all gunged

Eileen was preparing the pool in the garden  for getting gunged,  when she suddenly got lots of gunge over her head coming from the balcony!  Her friend threw lots of gunge over her until she was all pink and dirty. She played around in the gunge  but she didnt think on how to get inside the house to shower without getting her house dirty. So she walked to the river still all in pink gunge. She walked  along the terraces. Everybody was looking at her. Then she washed off in the river  with lots of effort she got just a little bit cleaner.

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W197 Eileen getting covered in custard wearing leatherlook leggings

On a nice day Eileen was walking around in her garden when she decided to do some messy shooting. She got into the bath wearing her leather look leggings and silver leotard. She covered herself with different colors of custard starting at her feet, all up to her legs, belly, shoulders and  all over face. When she was all covered she washed off her clothes.


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W185 Eileen and Leila Black and White wetlook

Eileen and Leila went into the bathroom wearing white blouses and black and white jeans.  First Eileen sprayed Leila completely wet, then Leila got the hose and sprayed Eileen very wet. A friend came unespected and the cameraman asked him to spray both girls wet.  He had lots of fun.

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W175 Cheerleader Jolynda in the pool

Jolynda and Eileen  where having fun in the pool. Eileen decided to photograph Jolynda while she did some nice cheerleader moves. She got into the pool with her leggings shirt and sports bra. She swam around a bit and tried some underwater posing. She got out and showed some more of her moves to Eileen.

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