W453 Eileen Muddy catsuit 2024

Eileen was on a grass feeld for a photoshoot in her catsuit and heels. She had a jacket and jeans on top to keep her warm. She was searching for a good location when she suddenly fell into a big pile of mud. She didn’t like it at first but then decided it was too late to safe her clothes and enjoyed playing in the mud.

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W448 Eileen in leggings and short and leather jacket 2024

Eileen recieved some new items for a festival outfit. As it is mostly rainy in the Netherlands, What better way to test it then getting it wet? She slowly got her outfit wet starting with the schoes up to her hair. After a while she took of the jacket and in the end the shorts.

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W445 Eileen answers questions in the pool 2024

Eileen travelled to the privat pool again to relax. She arrived in her leather jacket,leggings and Adidas schoes. A friend told her there was something hidden next to the pool. She found a list of questions about her wetlook adventures and answered them while swimming around. Then she went into the sauna, took a shower and jumped into the pool again.

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W431 Eileen trying on jackets in the shower

Eileen got into the shower to try some jackets, She tries on a few then puts on a rainjacket, leather jacket and winterjacket on top to get them wet. When its all wet, soaked and heavy she takes off the winterjacket, then the leather jacket to show the rainjacket.

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W421 Eileen in waders and winter jacket summer 2023

On a warm summer day Eileen arrived at the river wearing a casual outfit with leather jacket. She put on her waders and winterjacket on top of it. Slowly she walked into the water until her waders started got full of water. After all the water got into her boots she let herself fall backwards to get fully wet, but the jacket made her float. After a few tries she got it wet anyways. She took of the heavy jacket and waters to reveal her leather jacket.

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W415 Eileen dress and leather jacket river

On a cold spring day Eileen walked to the river in her summer dress, leather jacket and purple boots. She slowly walked into the water getting pantyhose wet and sat down. She crawled further into the water getting fully wet. She played around in the water a bit more and then walked home all freezing.

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W395 Eileen in a leather outfit with a little twist


Eileen got into the bath in her black leather outfit. She started getting wet by putting the hose in her jackets pocket. She slowly got more wet using the hose. After some time she took of her riding boots, filled them and threw them over herself. Then she took of the leather pants showing her spandex catsuit.

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W389 Eileen the catwoman


Eileen was in the garden wearing her catsuit with body harness. She posed for some cat like pictures under the tree and in the tree. She took the gardenhose and attached it on her bodyharness. It got her all wet. She showered off with the gardenhose attached to the tree like an outside shower. In the end she took off the mask and boots.

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W388 Eileen in red bodysuit and leggings in river


Eileen went to the river in her red bodysuit, leatherlook leggings and high heeled boots.  She slowly got into the water while playing and smiling. When she was fully wet she started to put mud on her clothes. After a while she took off the leather leggings and played around in the water a bit more.  She walked home in her red bodysuit and greeted some people that where passing by on the bike.

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W371 Eileen and Eyla in multiple layers of jackets

After a nice shooting day Eileen and Eyla where outside smoking. Eyla got a little cold so Eileen offered a jacket. As it wasn’t warm enough she got another. They started showering wearing both 2 jackets. They switched up and soaped the jackets. Then they took them off and put on only the leather jackets.


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