W447 Eileen in jeans outfit with green gunge

Eileen got into the bath wearing her white shirt and jeans. She mixed a nice gross looking green gunge to throw and smear all over herself!

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W446 Eileen relaxing in jeans in a private pool

After a break in the privat pool Eileen put on her Adidas sweater, jeans and sneakers. She slowly put her legs in the water seing the color of the jeans change and then jumped in. She swam around for a bit and enjoyed the heavy sweater before taking it off. She swam underwater, got out of the pool and sat on the terace.

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W443 Eileen in a Polka dot dress covered in syrup

Eileen gets into her bath wearing her Polka dot dress. She starts pouring herself with syrup. Slowly it drips all over her. She smears it around getting all sticky. Then she takes off her bra and pours even more syrup.

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W434 Eileen in brown top and jeans

After a very messy session with all kinds of food Eileen decided to wash off once more wearing a new outfit. She slowly got her Levis jeans wet and then her coper top. She washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner. Quite some mess still came out of her hair while washing!

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W427 Leila and Eileen waterfight in white shirts

After a day of work Eileen and Leila where in the garden to have a waterfight and have some fun. They started throwing buckets at eachother getting eachother fully wet. Eileen wanted to suprise Leila with the cold water hose but Leila stole it and got Eileen wet with the cold water. To end they shared a bucket of warm water while hugging.

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W401 Eileen and Leila in see through white tops

Eileen and Leila get into the bathroom wearing their white tops. As a suprise Leila gets a bucket over her head showing she is braless. Then they get wet together using the hose. At the end they soap up and wash off.

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W391 Eileen in yellow skirt and heels in the kiddy pool


Eileen was relaxing in her garden on a warm summer day. As it was so hot she decided to inflate the pool put water in it. Ofcourse she also had to get her clothes wet in the proces. She started with the hose in her shirt and slowly got herself all wet. She took of the heels and threw water over herself with it. Then put them back on.

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W377 Eileen sitting in the sink in boots jeans and shirt

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her grey jeans, red top and horse riding boots.  She sat down in the sink and put on the water getting her jeans wet. She turned around to wet the other side. Then she got into the tub putting the hose in her pants. After that she got fully wet with the hose.


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W375 Eileen in colorful leggings in the kiddypool

Eileen was taking pictures in her new leggings set in the garden when she decided to go and fill up the kiddy pool with water. She got the garden hose and got herself fully wet while filling up the kiddy pool, she layed down in the end to relax.


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W374 Eileens goes for a swim in a black dress


Eileen wanted to take a swim in the river for the first time this year. She put on her black dress stockings and boots and slowly got into the river. Playing with the cold water and laying down on the sand.

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