W405 Eileen in beige shirt and Levis jeans

Eileen walked into the bathroom wearing a beige top and Levi’s jeans. She put on the hose and slowly started to get wet starting with her shoes, jeans, shirt and then her hair. She sat down to dunk in the bath and slowly started to undress to do a few more dunks in lingerie.

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W370 Eyla and Eileen meet for the first time and celebrate in the bath

Eyla came over for a shoot with Eileen. They where outside in the garden wearing their dresses when Eileen asked Eyla to get wet with her. They slowly got eachother wet with the hose. Soaped eachother and slapped eachothers buts. They had lots of fun and got soaking wet.


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W366 Eileen in Fila pants and pink shirt dunking


Eileen got into the bath wearing her Fila pants, schoes and pink top. She slowly got herself wet starting at the schoes. When she was fully wet she started dunking her head in the bath.

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W364 Eileen and Leila in white dresses

Eileen and Leila get into the bath in their white summer dresses. Slowly they start to get eachother wet with the hose revealing what is ( or isn’t) underneath the dresses.


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W318 Eileen and LeaGabrielle dressed for a party taking a bath

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle where planning on going for a party. As corona arrived it was canceled so they decided to have a bathroom party instead. They got eachother wet with the hose and cleaned eachother with some soap. Then they sat down in the bath to relax. In the end they took of their heels.

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W317 Eileen renovating the house in a jeans dungaree


Eileen was busy renovating the house for a day. She got herself quite dirty so she decided to wash off the stains in the bath. She started with the sponge on her pants, then her boots. Lots of dirt came off. After that she had a relaxing shower in her clothes and got herself fully wet.

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W313 Eileen taking a bath in all white outfit

Eileen was wearing her full white outfit with jeans, top and heels. She took some pics with her cat and decided it was time for a bath. She slowly got herself wet with the hose and layed down in the bath after to relax.


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W300 Eileen and Maya in wet white clothes


Eileen and Maya started a waterfight in the garden.First they used the water pistol and then lots of buckets to get eachother fully wet. At the end Maya pushed Eileen in the pool and got her wet with even more buckets.

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W294 Eileen in white pants in oil bath

Eileen wanted to take an oil bath. She got into the bath and started pooring oil down the front of her pants, then she started doing the same with the back. She sat down and poored lots of oil over her head, massaging it in. Then all over her body. When she was all dirty she washed off her body and hair.


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W295 Eileen and Leila in Nickelson jackets in kiddy pool

Eileen and Leila come back after a day of shopping in Den Bosch. They are tired and really warm. Eileen thinks its a good idea to take a bath so she jumps into the kiddy pool. Leila is still skeptical but after a while Eileen drags er in. They play around in the pool, splashing and hugging. After a while they take of their jackets.


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