What other material would you be interested in?


I want to make some new material for Wamderland, some non-wetlook!  What else would you guys be interested in seeing? 

Let me know!

xx Eileen


21 Replies to “What other material would you be interested in?”

  1. Hallo Eileen,

    Ik vind het mooi als je winterjassen gebruikt in jouw shoots, maakt niet uit of het wet of muddy is.
    Ze mogen zelfs kapot.

    Ik hoop snel wat te zien en ik stuur je nog meer jassen op om te gebruiken.



  2. Maybe a chocolate cake batter clothes filling bath with light colored blue jeans and a white shirt and maybe a sweatshirt or something similar? That would be awesome if that ever happens

  3. Always love messy content especially in swim and gym wear. Like sets where you hide it under your clothes and strip down, even better when in public.

    Would like to see some different combos like being in public and taking off a dress to reveal a swimsuit and stockings 🙂

  4. Would love to see you wearing white socks and shoes / boots in the mud – something like a splashy hike or walk on trail.

  5. Would like to see you rip some more clothes – jeans (preferably double or triple button jeans), pullover hoodies, sports jackets, sweatpants or training leggings.

  6. Hallo Eileen
    Ich würde dich gerne ml in einem Rosa Ballettbody mit weisser strumpfhose und Ballett slippers in der Badewanne sehen. wenn es geht ohne BH.

  7. Draag een dik glimmend donsjack (vergelijkbaar met je Moncler) met scheuren er in en loop er mee rond waar veel mensen ook zijn. Mij fantasie is dat tijdens het lopen het dons er uit vliegt\valt

  8. Dear Eileen
    I love your work and your photos, could you make a video where we see you having a champagne shower?
    Hoping to have given you an idea for the rest of your video.

  9. As you have such wonderful legzzz that many envy you of, I would advocate reviews of tights and pantyhose. You could take them on/off, perhaps rate them how they feel and hold up – and perhaps (why not) get them wet etc. Legslavish do something similar already, but you would do it better!

  10. Hi Beauty!

    Please more wetlook!!

    Would love to see ya riding a bicycle in the pouring rain..
    dressed in a shiny raincoat like you had before..

    Make-up dripping of your face, soaking wet!!

    Now this is a serious request baby! Ur biggest Fan!!!

    Keep up the good work, XxXx

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