W316 Eileen muddy in tracksuit


Eileen was walking around in nature with her friends wearing her tracksuit when she decided to take a mudbath. She started slowly by walking into the mud. Smuding it around til she was fully covered. She also put a lot of mud into her clothes to make her look fat. She crawled into the deeper part of the lake to wash off. Then walked to another part to get even more clean.

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W296 Eileens messy picnic

Eileen was invited for a suprise picknick with a friend. He made her some pancakes and served those to her. When she asked for the sugar and syrup she got it all over her head and clothes. She tried to run away but tripped in the mud as her eyes where covered in sugar.  She decided to play along and just go for a muddy bath. She played around in the mud putting it in her clothes and making mud angels. When she was all muddy she had a was off in the pond.


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W283 Eileen in red top and PVC leggings swimming in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her pvc pants, red shirt and high heels. She went into the water and played around. She took of her shirt and played around in the mud.


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W277 Eileen going for a swim in an Adidas shirt and jeans and bathing suit


on a summer day Eileen wanted to go for  a swim, she walked to the lake wearing her clothes over her bathingsuit. When she arrived she decided she wasnt going to take off all that clothes and went in like that. She played  around in the water getting her clothes completely soaked.

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W260 Eileen getting muddy in white shirt and jeans

Eileen was on a photoshoot in nature, there where some really nice flowers close to the water she wanted to pose with. When she walked away she suddenly sank away in the mud and tripped.  She was kind of stuck, so she decided to smoke a sigaret there. She was already  very dirty so she started playing with the mud, putting it in her bra and getting herself all dirty til she was totally covered. They took some pics with the flowers all muddy and then she washed off.


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W203 Eileen in wet and muddy Nickelson jacket

Eileen went to a swamp nearby. She putted on her schoes and Nickelson jacket. She wanted to have a water lilly so she went in. When she got it she was halfway dirty so she just went in fully and got fully wet and muddy.  After some playing she washed off in the river.


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W183 Eileen in very very deep mud

Once Eileen was in the north  of the country and saw this crazy muddy deep muddy pool. She asked if she could use it but sadly they said no. Eileen didn’t accept and waited until when it was almost dark when there was nobody there anymore ! She went into the  mud pool wearing a catsuit and  long boots. the mud came until her waist. She dived in fully until she got fully dirty.  She washed off in a pond afterwards . She dropped her broken boots on the  sign saying ”access forbidden” in dutch and went back to the hotel!


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W159 Eileen in leather pants in a muddy swamp

Eileen was on the countryside for a photoshoot. She posed around and decided she wanted to walk a little further into the meadow. She walked over a small plank when it suddenly shifted and she fell off!  She was shocked at first  and tried to get out.  She had a hard time getting out and fell into it again. She decided her outfit was ruined anyways and she went in fully. Played cheerleader with the waterplants and used them as a wig.  A farmer  passed  by and she waved at him, he laughed and thought she was crazy. When she got out she went for a washoff still leaving her hair and clothes with grey stains.

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W153 – Eileen in a white dress and heels in the mud

On a sunny day Eileen went for a walk in her nice white dress and heels,  She passed the mud pool and decided to take a look. When she got there she fell. She thought her clothes would be ruined anyways and went in fully.   She crawled around and laughed. When she was fully covered with mud she walked away to wash off. When she was half cleaned she walked back on the streets to her home.


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W147 Eileen getting muddy in a casual outfit

Eileen went to the muddy place in her white casual outfit. She walked around  in the muddy place and rolled into it.  When the cameraman asked her to smear a bit of mud on her face Eileen went in face forward. The cameraman didn’t expect this at all !  After some playing in the mud she was completely muddy and went for a wash-off in a pond close to the muddy place. She walked back home still half muddy.

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