W454 Eileen in oil in white shirt and jeans 2024

After getting oily once Eileen decided she really wanted to go again. She got dressed in a white shirt and jeans. She got into the bath with the oil still in it slowly and played around in the oil.

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W443 Eileen in a Polka dot dress covered in syrup

Eileen gets into her bath wearing her Polka dot dress. She starts pouring herself with syrup. Slowly it drips all over her. She smears it around getting all sticky. Then she takes off her bra and pours even more syrup.

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W439 Eileen gunged in wedding dress

Eileen wanted to have a pretend wedding. She fully dressed up and walked around on the street. When she got home she decided to get her dress really dirty! Starting off with beet juice coloring it all purple. Then syrup, chocolat sauce, sprinkles, and lots more! She started ripping the clothes and put even more chocolat sauce on it after.

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W441 Eileen in a very messy bathroom in jeans

After a very dirty messy day Eileen decided to use the gunge left in the bath again wearing a new outfit. She picked a white shirt and blue jeans and got into the gunge bath. She added some new water to make her outfit very slimy and shiny.

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W436 Eileen messy in sports outfit 2023

Eileen gets into the bath wearing her sporty football outfit. She starts off with putting some ketchup on it, mayonaise, brown beans and peanut sauce. Then she puts on another layer of clothes on top: an Adidas jogging set. She gets it really messy with more chocolat milk. Then she adds a jacket and adds a lot of whipped cream. She smears it around and rolls into the mess.

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W407 Eileen gunged in jeans and hoodie

Eileen got into a bath already filled up with gunge. She was wearing a layered outfit with 2 jeans, hood. She sat down in the gunge and started playing with it. After some time she added more colors of thick gunge to get her outfit completely covered.

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W387 Eileen covered in beans


Eileen was on a shooting day with  2 friends. She told him they could  create the shoot idea. He went to the supermarket while Eileen set up the camera. They came home with lots of brown beans. So Eileen filled up her clothes with it, threw them over her face and let the bean juice leak over her clothes til everything was filled up with beans. After that her friends took the hose and washed her off.

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W385 Eileen in the mud in jeans and white shirt


Eileen was walking in nature when she saw the mud pool finally looked good again. She started walking in to try it out. Then sat down to get all muddy. She rolled around and played in the mud. After she took a little walk and layed down in the flowerfeeld.

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W384 Eileen a white dress and maple syrup


Eileen got into the bath wearing a cute white dress. She started pouring maple syrup on herself starting with her dress, arms and then all over her face. After she was all covered in maple syrup she started ripping the dress.

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W350 Eileen in white top and skirt getting messy with syrup


On a summer day Eileen got into the bath wearing her white top en pink skirt. She slowly started pouring syrup onto her head. Leaving her very messy and sticky.

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