W416 Gray jeans and red shoes in river with ripping

On a cold spring day Eileen got into the river wearing her red hoody, jeans and sneakers. She got in slowly getting used to the cold. After a little swim she decided to walk home. When she was in the bathroom she started ripping of all the clothes.

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W396 Eileen in ripped jeans under the shower


Eileen got into the shower wearing her jeans with holes in it, sweater and sneakers. She got herself fully wet while dancing a bit. After a while she sat down to rip up her jeans revealing her red spandex leggings under it.

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W385 Eileen in the mud in jeans and white shirt


Eileen was walking in nature when she saw the mud pool finally looked good again. She started walking in to try it out. Then sat down to get all muddy. She rolled around and played in the mud. After she took a little walk and layed down in the flowerfeeld.

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W379 Eileen the Smurf _ blue gunge


Eileen got into her empty kiddypool and started pooring blue gunge over her Freddypants, white shirt and Fila schoes. She got it all over her clothes and face. After that she used pink gunge and yellow. After she got covered in gunge her friend started washing her off with the hose.

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W369 Eileen sitting in the sink


Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her fila tracksuit pants and a white shirt. She filled up the sink and sat down right into it. When she got her bum all wet she got into the bath and put the showerhose down her pants getting it even more wet. After some time she started getting her white shirt and hair all wet.

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W366 Eileen in Fila pants and pink shirt dunking


Eileen got into the bath wearing her Fila pants, schoes and pink top. She slowly got herself wet starting at the schoes. When she was fully wet she started dunking her head in the bath.

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W353 Eileen taking a clothed bath at the hotel in white clothes

Eileen was in Belgium to see the waterfalls. They where super tempting to go in but way to cold in wintertime! When she got into the hotelroom there was a nice jacuzzi to get wet in, nice and warm! She got into the jacuzzi slowly and started the bubbles. A nice relaxing evening after all the walking at the waterfalls and caves.

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W344 Eileen and Leila in blue spandex outfits


Eileen and Leila where in the garden posing in their blue spandex matching outfits. When they where done making dry pictures they decided the outfit would look good wet too. So they got into the bath and used the hose to get eachother fully wet.

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W343 Eileen checking if her winter coat is waterproof


Eileen was outside wearing her wintercoat when she decided to test if it was waterproof. She got into the bathroom and sprayed it with the hose for a while. When she was fully wet she took of the jacket to see if it leaked through on the hoody. Then she removed another layer and showed her purple shirt.

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W337 Eileen in a lake in Fila tracksuit and leggings

Eileen was in nature looking for a place to get muddy in, as it was very much impossible to find any good mud she decided to get wet in her Fila tracksuit. She slowly got into the lake and dived in head forward. After getting her Fila tracksuit fully wet she took it off revealing her black leggings and tanktop.


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