W454 Eileen in oil in white shirt and jeans 2024

After getting oily once Eileen decided she really wanted to go again. She got dressed in a white shirt and jeans. She got into the bath with the oil still in it slowly and played around in the oil.

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W453 Eileen Muddy catsuit 2024

Eileen was on a grass feeld for a photoshoot in her catsuit and heels. She had a jacket and jeans on top to keep her warm. She was searching for a good location when she suddenly fell into a big pile of mud. She didn’t like it at first but then decided it was too late to safe her clothes and enjoyed playing in the mud.

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W448 Eileen in leggings and short and leather jacket 2024

Eileen recieved some new items for a festival outfit. As it is mostly rainy in the Netherlands, What better way to test it then getting it wet? She slowly got her outfit wet starting with the schoes up to her hair. After a while she took of the jacket and in the end the shorts.

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W447 Eileen in jeans outfit with green gunge

Eileen got into the bath wearing her white shirt and jeans. She mixed a nice gross looking green gunge to throw and smear all over herself!

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W446 Eileen relaxing in jeans in a private pool

After a break in the privat pool Eileen put on her Adidas sweater, jeans and sneakers. She slowly put her legs in the water seing the color of the jeans change and then jumped in. She swam around for a bit and enjoyed the heavy sweater before taking it off. She swam underwater, got out of the pool and sat on the terace.

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W442 Eileen take a gunge bath in white pants 2024

Eileen mixed up a few nice colors of think gunge, She got into the bath wearing a full white outfit. Starting of with the neon gunge then covering herself in lots of colors. After a while she started ripping the clothes.

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W440 Eileen in bomberjacket jeans and grey shirt

After a long day of Messy shoots Eileen needed another wash-off. She put on her skinny jeans, grey top and bomberjacket. She slowly started to wash from her schoes up until she was fully wet.

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W441 Eileen in a very messy bathroom in jeans

After a very dirty messy day Eileen decided to use the gunge left in the bath again wearing a new outfit. She picked a white shirt and blue jeans and got into the gunge bath. She added some new water to make her outfit very slimy and shiny.

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W437 Eileen swimming in a pool in jeans 2023

Eileen was going to a hotel to make a promotionvideo for the room. She guided the camera around but didn’t look out too well and fell into the pool. She tried again to promote the room now in her wet clothes. Then she fell in again and decided to just swim around and have fun.

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W435 Eileen in white top and jeans

After a messy set Eileen got in the bath for her 2nd washing round wearing a white top, ribbed jeans and Adidas sneakers. She slowly got the outfit wet and took off the top in the end.

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