W453 Eileen Muddy catsuit 2024

Eileen was on a grass feeld for a photoshoot in her catsuit and heels. She had a jacket and jeans on top to keep her warm. She was searching for a good location when she suddenly fell into a big pile of mud. She didn’t like it at first but then decided it was too late to safe her clothes and enjoyed playing in the mud.

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W433 Eileen white blouse skirt and jarretels

Eileen gets into the shower to wash her heels, stockings jarretels, skirt and blouse. She starts with the heels, then slowly goes up until she is fully wet.

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W418 Eileen in skirt and blouse in the kiddy pool

On a warm summer day Eileen put up the pool to have some wetlook fun. She got in slowly wearing her miniskirt and flower blouse. She rolled around and dunked in a few times until she was fully wet, then took of her heels.

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W414 Eileen swim in the pond in jeans and Nickelson jacket

On a warm day Eileen was in the village stil wearing her winterjacket. When she saw the pond she couldnt resist and jumped in all at once getting her outfit fully wet. People where making funny comments on the street seing her in her wet clothes, iguess they are not used to it in this part of the village yet!

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W399 Eileen taking a shower in bootcut jeans heels and jeans jacket


Eileen got into the shower wearing her bootcut jeans, high heeled boots and oversized jeans jacket. She slowly started getting the outfit wet starting at the boots, slowly going up. Admiring the color of the jeans changing.

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W394 Eileen dunking in the bath in dress

Eileen got into the bath wearing her pink dress, pantyhose and high heeled boots. She slowly submerged in the water until her clothes where wet. Then she dunked in to get her hair wet too. She dunked into the water multiple times while playing in the bath. Then she slowly took of her boots, pantyhose and dress showing her red bikini to do some more dunks.


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W391 Eileen in yellow skirt and heels in the kiddy pool


Eileen was relaxing in her garden on a warm summer day. As it was so hot she decided to inflate the pool put water in it. Ofcourse she also had to get her clothes wet in the proces. She started with the hose in her shirt and slowly got herself all wet. She took of the heels and threw water over herself with it. Then put them back on.

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W387 Eileen covered in beans


Eileen was on a shooting day with  2 friends. She told him they could  create the shoot idea. He went to the supermarket while Eileen set up the camera. They came home with lots of brown beans. So Eileen filled up her clothes with it, threw them over her face and let the bean juice leak over her clothes til everything was filled up with beans. After that her friends took the hose and washed her off.

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W382 Eileen in a red black business suit in kiddy pool


Eileen comes home in her business outfit on a warm day and decides its a good time for a swim! She slowly gets into the kiddy pool to get her outfit all wet and cool down. She takes of her jacket and puts it back on. After getting her outfit fully wet she sits in the garden to get dry again.

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W373 Eileen in a sexy outfit water the plants


Eileen got home in her leggings, top, blazer and high heeled boots. She started watering the plants but got some water on herself. Right away she started using the rain hose to get herself fully wet. After she took off her boots.

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