W409 Eileen warming up in the bath after a walk

Eileen got home after a walk in the cold. She put her chill pants and hoody over her clothes and got into the warm bath to warm up. When she got a little warmer she slowly started to take off some layers revealing her leggings and sport top.

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W400 Eileen taking a bath in a formal outfit

Eileen stepped into an empty tub with a glass of wine. She opened up the tab and slowly let the water get in while drinking a glass of wine. She slowly got fully wet as the tub filled up. After a while her flats floated away.

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W395 Eileen in a leather outfit with a little twist


Eileen got into the bath in her black leather outfit. She started getting wet by putting the hose in her jackets pocket. She slowly got more wet using the hose. After some time she took of her riding boots, filled them and threw them over herself. Then she took of the leather pants showing her spandex catsuit.

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W387 Eileen covered in beans


Eileen was on a shooting day with  2 friends. She told him they could  create the shoot idea. He went to the supermarket while Eileen set up the camera. They came home with lots of brown beans. So Eileen filled up her clothes with it, threw them over her face and let the bean juice leak over her clothes til everything was filled up with beans. After that her friends took the hose and washed her off.

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W379 Eileen the Smurf _ blue gunge


Eileen got into her empty kiddypool and started pooring blue gunge over her Freddypants, white shirt and Fila schoes. She got it all over her clothes and face. After that she used pink gunge and yellow. After she got covered in gunge her friend started washing her off with the hose.

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W381 Eileen in summer outfit with jacket

Eileen got into the bathroom on a colder summer night wearing her shorts, shirt and summer jacket. She got it wet slowly with the hose and took of her jacket, in the end she also takes of her Converse schoes

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W371 Eileen and Eyla in multiple layers of jackets

After a nice shooting day Eileen and Eyla where outside smoking. Eyla got a little cold so Eileen offered a jacket. As it wasn’t warm enough she got another. They started showering wearing both 2 jackets. They switched up and soaped the jackets. Then they took them off and put on only the leather jackets.


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W377 Eileen sitting in the sink in boots jeans and shirt

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her grey jeans, red top and horse riding boots.  She sat down in the sink and put on the water getting her jeans wet. She turned around to wet the other side. Then she got into the tub putting the hose in her pants. After that she got fully wet with the hose.


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W366 Eileen in Fila pants and pink shirt dunking


Eileen got into the bath wearing her Fila pants, schoes and pink top. She slowly got herself wet starting at the schoes. When she was fully wet she started dunking her head in the bath.

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W353 Eileen taking a clothed bath at the hotel in white clothes

Eileen was in Belgium to see the waterfalls. They where super tempting to go in but way to cold in wintertime! When she got into the hotelroom there was a nice jacuzzi to get wet in, nice and warm! She got into the jacuzzi slowly and started the bubbles. A nice relaxing evening after all the walking at the waterfalls and caves.

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