W396 Eileen in ripped jeans under the shower


Eileen got into the shower wearing her jeans with holes in it, sweater and sneakers. She got herself fully wet while dancing a bit. After a while she sat down to rip up her jeans revealing her red spandex leggings under it.

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W392 Eileen autumn wetlook


Eileen was outside for an Autumn shoot with some beautifull red leaves when it started to rain. Instead of going inside she walked home  to her balcony where she put the camera inside and started to play in the rain. She rolled on the balcony and poured water out of the gutter on her getting covered in leaves and dirt. After she washed off in the bathroom.

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W388 Eileen in red bodysuit and leggings in river


Eileen went to the river in her red bodysuit, leatherlook leggings and high heeled boots.  She slowly got into the water while playing and smiling. When she was fully wet she started to put mud on her clothes. After a while she took off the leather leggings and played around in the water a bit more.  She walked home in her red bodysuit and greeted some people that where passing by on the bike.

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W382 Eileen in a red black business suit in kiddy pool


Eileen comes home in her business outfit on a warm day and decides its a good time for a swim! She slowly gets into the kiddy pool to get her outfit all wet and cool down. She takes of her jacket and puts it back on. After getting her outfit fully wet she sits in the garden to get dry again.

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W361 Foam party with santa Leila


Eileen and Leila where getting ready for a party when Eileen got a suprise for Leila. She took her to the bath to get wet and had a machine that made lots of foam to play with. They played around in the foam putting it on eachother and washing it off. Eileen noticed Leila looking like santa with her red dress and white foam and gave her a santa hat. At the end they washed off til they where all clean to get to the real party.

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W321 Eileens new years eve dress and hair washing


Eileen was getting ready for the new years party. She put on her heels, brushed her hair and got into the bathroom. She poored a glass of water over her head.  Then got herself fully wet with the hose. When she was fully wet she washed her hair with shampoo. She was fully ready for the party now so she lit up some sparklers and wished everybody a happy new year!

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W354 Eileen in red business suit relaxing in the bath after work

Eileen got to her hotelroom after a long day of work in belgium, She slowly got into the bath still wearing her red business suit. When she was fully wet she put on the bubbles and lost her ballerina’s. After a while she took off the jacket too.


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W217 Eileen and Leila Christmas colors


Eileen and Leila decided to wear some Christmas colored outfits this time! They played outside with the dog for a while before they started the bath.  Eileen got Leila wet first and her white blouse got all see through! Then Leila got the hose and got Eileen all wet. The water revealed the catsuit Eileen was wearing under her white  shirt. They relaxed in the bath and had some fun playing in the water. At the end Eileen took of her top and they take off their schoes.

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W340 Eileen washing her red canvas shoes

Eileen is in her livingroom wearing her high heeled boots. As her feet really hurt she takes them off and puts on her red canvas shoes. She plays around with them a little to see how flexible they are.  She gets into the bath and slowly gets the schoes wet with a bucket. then she puts them into the bath water. She slowly goes up with the hose to get all of her outfit soaking wet.  Then she takes another pair of canvas schoes and washes them.  When she is done she takes the bottle of soap and crushes it with her feet. She uses the soap to wash the red schoes.


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W329 Eileen in red satin dress bathing with champagne

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her red satin dress after a party. Nobody really wanted to drink the champagne so she decided to shower in it.  She slowly poored it over her face and her shoulders, dripping over her dress. It was very prickly and fun. After the champagne shower the used the water hose to get clean.


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