W428 Leila and Eileen bathing after a cold walk

After a cold walk Eileen and Leila went to the bathroom because Leila really wanted to warm up. Eileen wasn’t convinced and stayed on the side. Leila convinced her and dragged her into the bath. They got their outfits fully wet and washed eachothers hair.

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W357 Eileen cleaning the bathroom and getting wet


Eileen was cleaning her bathroom window after all the messy shoots she had over the years it left a lot of spots everywhere. She got a little wet during the cleaning on her jeans and sandals, so when she was done she decided to wash off with her clothes on.

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W088 Santa Eileen – Christmas Special

Eileen wanted to make a Christmas special for in her new Christmas dress. She got in the bath with all the Christmas baubles and angel ducks. The dress got really heavy when wet. She played a bit in the bath and relaxed.



Merry Christmas everybody !

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W324 Eileen and Leila relaxing in the bath in cardigans

Eileen and Leila filled up the bath fully with some nice warm water. They slowly went in together. They sat down and relaxed until their jeans, shirts and cardigans where fully wet. In the end they take off the cardigans.


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W318 Eileen and LeaGabrielle dressed for a party taking a bath

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle where planning on going for a party. As corona arrived it was canceled so they decided to have a bathroom party instead. They got eachother wet with the hose and cleaned eachother with some soap. Then they sat down in the bath to relax. In the end they took of their heels.

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W319 Eileen and Leila warming up after a walk in the cold

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose until the jackets got heavy. Then they started stripping off all the layers of clothes.


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W311 Eileen and LeaGabrielle warming up in the bath on a cold day

Eileen and LeaGabrielle took a walk on a winterday. After a long and cold walk they decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose. After some time they started taking of some layers showing their shirts and leggings under the jeans.


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W294 Eileen in white pants in oil bath

Eileen wanted to take an oil bath. She got into the bath and started pooring oil down the front of her pants, then she started doing the same with the back. She sat down and poored lots of oil over her head, massaging it in. Then all over her body. When she was all dirty she washed off her body and hair.


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W281 Eileen in blue top and jeans in the bath

Eileen lost a bet with her friend and had to throw lots of buckets of water over her head. After throwing the buckets over her head she took a good bath to get fully wet. Then ended with even more buckets.


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W271 Eileen and tons of shaving foam

Eileen was ni the bathroom getting ready for the day when she decided to get dress in the bath this time. She went into the bath in her lingerie and washed her hair. She got all foamy with lots of shaving foam and then she put on her jeans, sneakers and satin blouse. She got shaving foam all over that too and then put on her leather jacket.  After she got all foamy it was time to wash off.


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