W406 Eileen shower with champagne

After new year Eileen had some bottles of champagne left. Instead of drinkking them she decided to throw them all over her head. She popped the bottles and threw them over herself having lots of fun. In the end she washed off.

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W379 Eileen the Smurf _ blue gunge


Eileen got into her empty kiddypool and started pooring blue gunge over her Freddypants, white shirt and Fila schoes. She got it all over her clothes and face. After that she used pink gunge and yellow. After she got covered in gunge her friend started washing her off with the hose.

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W344 Eileen and Leila in blue spandex outfits


Eileen and Leila where in the garden posing in their blue spandex matching outfits. When they where done making dry pictures they decided the outfit would look good wet too. So they got into the bath and used the hose to get eachother fully wet.

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W311 Eileen and LeaGabrielle warming up in the bath on a cold day

Eileen and LeaGabrielle took a walk on a winterday. After a long and cold walk they decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose. After some time they started taking of some layers showing their shirts and leggings under the jeans.


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W306 Eileen at the pool party in Freddypants, shirt and sneakers


Eileen got to the pool party in her Freddypants, shirt and sneakers.  She wasnt ready to go in yet but fell into the water when she was posing. She was completely soaked right away. She was swimming around and got out of the pool after a bit. She tried the slide and the kiddypool. At the end she tried to make underwater recordings with her phone but sadly the phone didnt survive this! It seemed to live the water a bit less then Eileen does.

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W302 Eileen in printed skirt and tank top taking a bath

Eileen was outside on a windy day wearing her printed skirt and bra-less tank top. She walked around on the streets but she got a little cold. So she got into her bathroom and took a bucket with her. She filled it with warm water and threw a few over herself. Then she got more wet with the hose and ended with some more buckets while sitting down.


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W298 Breakfast in legging and shirt

After a morning run Eileen was having breakfast in her garden. She was eating her sandwich when suddenly she got hosed all over with the garden hose. As her sandwich was all wet she threw it away and played around in the water.


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W293 Eileen in bright pink pantyhose and blue dress


Eileen was in her garden at a winterday, she was wearing a colorfull dress and pantyhose. She was a little cold so decided to take a bath in her new outfit.

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W281 Eileen in blue top and jeans in the bath

Eileen lost a bet with her friend and had to throw lots of buckets of water over her head. After throwing the buckets over her head she took a good bath to get fully wet. Then ended with even more buckets.


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W277 Eileen going for a swim in an Adidas shirt and jeans and bathing suit


on a summer day Eileen wanted to go for  a swim, she walked to the lake wearing her clothes over her bathingsuit. When she arrived she decided she wasnt going to take off all that clothes and went in like that. She played  around in the water getting her clothes completely soaked.

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