W442 Eileen take a gunge bath in white pants 2024

Eileen mixed up a few nice colors of think gunge, She got into the bath wearing a full white outfit. Starting of with the neon gunge then covering herself in lots of colors. After a while she started ripping the clothes.

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W439 Eileen gunged in wedding dress

Eileen wanted to have a pretend wedding. She fully dressed up and walked around on the street. When she got home she decided to get her dress really dirty! Starting off with beet juice coloring it all purple. Then syrup, chocolat sauce, sprinkles, and lots more! She started ripping the clothes and put even more chocolat sauce on it after.

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W425 Eileen soaking then ripping her outfit in the garden

Eileen was in her garden wearing some old clothes for her renovation. As she really didn’t like them anymore she decided to get it all wet and rip it til there was nothing left of it!

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W416 Gray jeans and red shoes in river with ripping

On a cold spring day Eileen got into the river wearing her red hoody, jeans and sneakers. She got in slowly getting used to the cold. After a little swim she decided to walk home. When she was in the bathroom she started ripping of all the clothes.

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W410 Eileen ripping Levis jeans during a shower

Eileen got into a full bath wearing her dark Levis and a collar shirt. She slowly got it wet showing off the shine on it. After some time she started to cut holes in it and slowly ripped all the clothes off.

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W398 Eileen the human paint canvas


Eileen wanted to update her art wall. She started painting and decided to paint some on herself and stamp it on the wall. She started covering herself in paint and as the clothes where ruined anyways she ripped them all off.

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W384 Eileen a white dress and maple syrup


Eileen got into the bath wearing a cute white dress. She started pouring maple syrup on herself starting with her dress, arms and then all over her face. After she was all covered in maple syrup she started ripping the dress.

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W372 Eyla ripping off her clothes under the shower


Eyla came to Eileen for her first wetlook shoot. She slowly got wet in her jeans and shirt. After a while she started ripping it all of her body.

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W355 Eileen splashed with paint in the garden


Eileen put her photography backdrop in the garden to make some nice photo’s from the balcony. She layed down on the backdrop and a friend suddenly started painting her with a paintbrush full of green paint. Then her friends started pouring neon splash paint all over her.  They also used powder to get her nice and colorfull.  She ripped her clothes and at the end used 2 colors of gunge to get herself completely covered in colors.

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W323 Eileen ripping her clothes during a shower


Eileen was in her bathroom wearing some old clothes. She got herself  wet slowly. When she was fully wet she decided she didn’t  like the clothes anymore and started ripping them. Time for some new clothes!

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