W450 Eileen in spandex dress under the outside shower

At a warm day Eileen was wearing her spandex outfit. She got all sweaty and decided to wash off in her outside shower.

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W443 Eileen in a Polka dot dress covered in syrup

Eileen gets into her bath wearing her Polka dot dress. She starts pouring herself with syrup. Slowly it drips all over her. She smears it around getting all sticky. Then she takes off her bra and pours even more syrup.

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W439 Eileen gunged in wedding dress

Eileen wanted to have a pretend wedding. She fully dressed up and walked around on the street. When she got home she decided to get her dress really dirty! Starting off with beet juice coloring it all purple. Then syrup, chocolat sauce, sprinkles, and lots more! She started ripping the clothes and put even more chocolat sauce on it after.

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W415 Eileen dress and leather jacket river

On a cold spring day Eileen walked to the river in her summer dress, leather jacket and purple boots. She slowly walked into the water getting pantyhose wet and sat down. She crawled further into the water getting fully wet. She played around in the water a bit more and then walked home all freezing.

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W406 Eileen shower with champagne

After new year Eileen had some bottles of champagne left. Instead of drinkking them she decided to throw them all over her head. She popped the bottles and threw them over herself having lots of fun. In the end she washed off.

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W400 Eileen taking a bath in a formal outfit

Eileen stepped into an empty tub with a glass of wine. She opened up the tab and slowly let the water get in while drinking a glass of wine. She slowly got fully wet as the tub filled up. After a while her flats floated away.

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W394 Eileen dunking in the bath in dress

Eileen got into the bath wearing her pink dress, pantyhose and high heeled boots. She slowly submerged in the water until her clothes where wet. Then she dunked in to get her hair wet too. She dunked into the water multiple times while playing in the bath. Then she slowly took of her boots, pantyhose and dress showing her red bikini to do some more dunks.


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W392 Eileen autumn wetlook


Eileen was outside for an Autumn shoot with some beautifull red leaves when it started to rain. Instead of going inside she walked home  to her balcony where she put the camera inside and started to play in the rain. She rolled on the balcony and poured water out of the gutter on her getting covered in leaves and dirt. After she washed off in the bathroom.

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W384 Eileen a white dress and maple syrup


Eileen got into the bath wearing a cute white dress. She started pouring maple syrup on herself starting with her dress, arms and then all over her face. After she was all covered in maple syrup she started ripping the dress.

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W374 Eileens goes for a swim in a black dress


Eileen wanted to take a swim in the river for the first time this year. She put on her black dress stockings and boots and slowly got into the river. Playing with the cold water and laying down on the sand.

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