W014 Eileen playing in the river

Eileen walked down to the river with a photographer friend to practice portrait shoots. She was in a playful mood and she walked in the shallow water soaking her black leather boots. She enjoyed walking in the water until she accidentally stepped in a hole and her boots got submerged and filled with water. She sat on a rock to pose for the camera and they continued to make some portraits with her. Since her jeans got wet up to her tights, there was no more excuse why to stay away from the water. She enjoyed splashing around, gradually soaked her hair, her blue jeans and also her blue lace top.


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Eileen getting muddy

Eileen’s English photographer friend visited her in Holland for the first time and wanted to see what the country was like, so she decided to show him a nearby muddy quarry. She was dressed in a black top and black leather pants with her favourite red checked shirt and long leather boots. She posed amongst the factory buildings and equipment and smoked a cigarette. She decided it was time to get muddy and wallowed in the deep smooth mud getting completely covered. Eileen was in a playful mood and threw mud at her friend during the shoot. She started cleaning herself in a pond then decided they would have to walk to the nearby river to get clean. On the way she found a small frog which she kissed. Maybe she thought it was her ideal Prince Charming. She then smoked another cigarette while still muddy then washed off in the cold river.


This the 1st part of the photoset: includes photos of Eileen getting gradually coated in thick clay. The wash off photos will follow in part 2 of this photoset.

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First time for Anouk – the VIDEO

If you have seen the photoset of Anouk’s very first fully clothed swim in the river, then you will certainly want to see how the photoset was made 🙂
Eileen was behind the camera in her blue jeans, purple long sleeved sweater and her ankle-boots, and as someone who takes photography very seriously, she had no other choice than to wade into the river as well, soaking the clothes she was wearing that day.

Spoiler alert! In this video you will also have a chance to see and hear the reactions of Anouk as she waded into the river in her clothes for the first time in her life. We hope you will enjoy this special video and we plan to make more similar videos, so stay tuned!

15 min video with original sound

Note: the cameraman had sometimes a difficult time to focus on Anouk and Eileen, so please forget if his hands were at times a little shaky 🙂


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Swimming at the river close to home

Eileen got a visit from a photographer friend who loves to take wetlook photographs. Eileen has the luck that she lives a few minutes walking from this nice river, Eileen’s friend asked her to strike a pose for a nice portrait wearing dungarees, a leather jacket and pink shirt.

They ended up playing and swimming in the river.

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Eileen posing in the cold rough sea

Eileen was on a trip in England with a photographer friend. They were non stop taking photos during their trip and when they reached this small town at the sea. It was a very cold and windy day. Eileen posed for a couple of portrait photos at the pier, until a bigger wave washed her almost away. She went in fully with people looking at how crazy she was.

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Eileen and Anouk at the river

It was a day in late September, it was Eileen’s birthday and she had Anouk coming over. Eileen asked Anouk to pose for her and they went to a river nearbly They found an old tree which was bent into the river bed and Anouk climbed on it. As Eileen was looking for the perfect angle and the best lights, she waded into the river up to her tights. You know how it is, a real photographer never minds getting her feet wet for the perfect shoot 🙂 … Anouk found it quite funny when Eileen got wet even before she did.  Soon Eileen’s boyfriend had to take over the camera as the girls started splashing each other and started a water-fight in the river. Anouk wore her grey jeans, black leather boots and a black t-shirt with a black PVC corset on top. Eileen was in her black jeans, black and red top and her short leather boots.

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Eileen playing with food in the kitchen

Eileen went to the kitchen at home to grab some snacks with her photographer friend around.Her animal friends where there too. She strike a few poses for the camera and they had good fun while taking some photos. Soon Eileen decided to play the clown and smashed some marshmallows on her face. Soon the situation escalated and all the food Eileen could find ended up on her face and as you will see, all over her red printed skirt and her tank top.

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Eileen at the river on a cloudy afternoon

Eileen posing on a cloudy afternoon at the river nearby home. At first she is just posing on the shore of the river but as soon as her shoes got wet,ending up in the river fully clothed in her pink printed dress, grey cardigan and her high heels in the river. Once she got tired, she laid on the sand, rolled around. Finally when it was time to go home, she walked in the river a last time to wash off the sand and she walked home.

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Eileen in her white lace dress at the lake in England

Eileen and her friend returned once again after a late lunch to the lake with the wild horses and donkeys, and as usual she posed for some nice portraits at the beginning This time she wore her white lace dress wich she bought one day ago in London and used for the photoshoot this day. She was on bare feet since all her shoes where wet allready.

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A muddy afternoon in the countryside

While visiting England last summer, Eileen went for a walk in the countryside with a friend, taking photos in the nature. They have reached a muddy pond and Eileen went to see how deep is the mud and her boots sunk completely. She found it funny and even though she did not have a change of clothes with her, she decided to play around in the mud while her friend continued to take photos of her. Soon her blue t-shirt, leather skirt and jacket, and her long leather boots ended up covered in mud.

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