W154 Eileen getting a bath after a business meeting

Eileen went home after a business meeting. She got into the bathroom and got into the bath. She got the showerhead and got her pantyhose wet first. Then slowly her entire outfit. She relaxed in the bath after her busy day. After a nice bath she took of her gilet and her shirt.

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W140 3 girls in leatherlook outfit

Eileen Leila and Anne went to the river in their leather look outfits. They found a cute dog on the beach and played around with him.  Then they decided to go for a swim. They went into the water splashing each other. They got fully wet and lay around in the water talking and laughing.

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W124 Eileen in red top and white skirt in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her new white skirt with the tag still on it.  She was walking on the beach when a dog decided to pose with her.  She walked into the water, took her heels off and used them to throw water over herself.  Then she ran into the water and dived in.  She played around in the water and then came out to walk back home.



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V047 Eileen in red skirt and white blouse in the river

Eileen went to the river in her long red skirt, white blouse and suede leather boots.  She played around in the water getting her clothes all wet, then she rolled in the sand before heading home in her wet outfit eating some berries on the way.


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W050 Eileen ripping pantyhose at the river

Eileen went to the river in her white blouse long boots and plaid skirt. When she just got in one of her boots broke. When she got in fully her other boot also began to fall apart and she decided to take them off. She played in the water when she noticed a hole in her pantyhose she began to rip them even more until it was full of holes. Next to the river there was a bit of mud she played in. She went into the river and washed it off again. When she went home she had to go all through the mud again to climb over the fence.


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W042 Lauren’s first clothed bath

Eileen invited her new friend Lauren over for a shoot. They filled up the bath tub and Lauren pushed Eileen in! They did some water fights and pushed eachother under. After relaxing a bit they took their shoes off. Lauren washed off Eileens black leggings and butterfly shirt and Eileen washed off Laurens dark blue skirt and white blouse.


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A muddy afternoon in the countryside

While visiting England last summer, Eileen went for a walk in the countryside with a friend, taking photos in the nature. They have reached a muddy pond and Eileen went to see how deep is the mud and her boots sunk completely. She found it funny and even though she did not have a change of clothes with her, she decided to play around in the mud while her friend continued to take photos of her. Soon her blue t-shirt, leather skirt and jacket, and her long leather boots ended up covered in mud.

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Eileen caught in the rain

Eileen in the park in England at her holiday when it started raining. She did not have an umbrella with her and her tight red top, her black skirt and her leather jacket were soon plastered to her skin. Her white sneakers became spongy from walking through the puddles. Since her clothes were almost completely drenched, she decided to use the opportunity to walk through a little fountain, then she waded into the the duck pond in the park and got herself dirty in the muddy water.

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